Following Sweet Dreams Home

“We're still going to look at the house on Sunday. It's not a pipe dream. All hopes and dreams are important to explore. So, we'll go with an open mind.” Shane kissed her forehead and then stepped out of the car.

Following Sweet Dreams Home

When Candice Smythe receives her layoff notice, she embraces the need for a little retail therapy. Against her better judgment, she enters an antique store…just to look around she tells herself. However, what woman can just window shop? Certainly not Candice. With her newly purchased hat, she leaves the store in the direction of her new life. One gust of wind grabs the hat carrying it down the street. When the hat finally comes to rest on the porch of a Victorian house, the For Sale sign on the window intrigues her to imagine the possibilities. Once Grandma Pela enters her life, things start to change as Candice dreams of her future. Below is Candice’s Smyth’s Secret Recipe that she follows. Here’s What’s Cookin’: LOVE Recipe From—Life Lessons Serves—1 Woman INGREDIENTS: One Large Hat One Old Victorian House Dose of family Handful of friends UTENSILS: 1. Ability to dream 2. Loving heart 3. Confidence to allow fate to guide you INSTRUCTIONS: Set location to San Francisco. Dust cake pan with trouble. Mix above ingredients with love. Bake until satisfied. Frost with compassion and serve with a warm heart.

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