Teaching Ethics with Three Philosophical Novels

Select three philosophical principles that have been set-out in the class and use these to unravel the anomaly to some ... Martina Navrtilova wins the French Women's Open Tennis tournament for the first time; Falklands War: Royal Fleet ...

Teaching Ethics with Three Philosophical Novels

This book offers a unique method for teaching ethics and social/political philosophy by combining primary texts and resource material along with three philosophical novels so that students can apply the abstract principles to real-life situations. A sample syllabus and sample assignments are provided. This second edition contains an additional teacher's manual, guiding instructors in how to effectively put together a course in ethics using fiction. Students often turn-off when confronted with abstract ethical principles, alone. This book allows interaction with philosophical novels that provide real-life situations that mirrors applying normative principles to lived experience. Students will be drawn into this realism and their engagement with the material will be significantly enhanced. This is an innovative textbook for teachers and students of general philosophy, ethics, business ethics, social and political philosophy, as well as students of literature and philosophy.

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