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Comparison between text and nontext (e.g., image, object, performance) makes sense if we have a deeper understanding of what is being compared to what. I tried to show this by juxtaposing Garcilaso de la Vega's text with some of Guamán ...

Image   Object   Performance

Images, objects, and performances represent essential forms of mediality, which frequently escape our traditional understanding of historical communication. This volume discusses from an interdisciplinary perspective the varying structures and media of communication and representation in transcultural spaces of Latin America and the Philippines. Based on different topics and methodological approaches of the contributors, the articles reflect on the perspectives and problems of the integration of visuality, materiality, and performance as categories of cultural analysis in historical settings between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries. In that regard, both the methodological and regional comparative approaches of this volume claim to contribute-beyond the regional focus of the studies-to the general debate about cultural theories and to make general statements about the mechanisms of cross-cultural communication in cultural contact zones of the modern period.

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